Thursday, February 11, 2010

Road bikes???

Yes, we are the Museum of MOUNTAIN BIKE Art & Technology but we really do like all bikes. Here are a couple of road bikes that are in the collection. We were moving some bikes around and wiped these down to get some better pictures. If anyone is interested, we do have these available for sale as well. Details are @

First up is a 1988 Bernardi with the Shimano Sante components. Cool funny bike with dual disc wheels. More pictures and details @

Next is a nice Torpado Super Racing with a bunch of pantographed parts on it. Mored details and picures @

Last is an older Raleigh Pro that we have owned for awhile. The previous owner was told it had once belonged to John Howard but I have no way of confirming that. More pictures and details @


  1. I want those spokeless wheels. They just look so damn sexy.

  2. I just wish they matched the bike better. The red and spongetone blue/purple/gray just doesn't match too well.

  3. Those disk wheels are wild. Wow. They really stand out, since they don't match - but makes it kind of cool as well.

    I owned a Raleigh very similar to that Pro in the early '80s. If interested, post about it on my blog: