Thursday, February 11, 2010

Goin' downhill, circa 1995

This Alpinestars bike shows how far we have come in 15 short years. This was considered a downhill back in 1995 sporting the optional "long travel" downhill version of the Rock Shox Judy with a whopping 75mm of travel. These days, 75mm would be considered a short travel cross country racing bike. The average downhill bike these days has somewhere aroudn 3 to 4 times the travel of this one. Fairly clean bike featuring the last production year of the original XTR components. I still think the original XTR is the best looking component group ever built for mountain bikes. The polished and clear anodized aluminum parts just have a nice "glow" to them that is lost with all the gray and black parts of today. I suppose at some point in time silver will make a comeback?

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  1. 1995....seems like a long time ago - and yesterday as well. Huh?

    75mm downhill fork. Pretty funny now. Back then, impressive. Alpinestars wasn't in the bike biz long, at least in the US.

    Cool bike. Thanks for posting.