Tuesday, May 12, 2009

1996 3D Zerox full suspension

Not the best fs design we have seen but far from the worst as well.

More details @ http://mombat.org/1996_3D_Zerox.htm

1995 Mountain Goat Route 66

This was from the mid 1990's crop of high end "hybrid" bikes that never really gained momentum. The tires are 45mm wide and just barely fit which makes it hard to argue that these bikes were early 29" wheel bikes. We got this one as a frame and had to build it up with period parts. We had the wheels laying around and didn't really have a good bike for them.....so here they are!

More details at http://mombat.org/1995_Mountain_Goat_Route66.htm

1992 Mantis XCR EC

We have always liked the "composite" construction of these and really like the chrome on both ends. Check out the incredibly long cable noodle for the rear brake!

More details @ http://mombat.org/1992_Mantis_XCR_Red.htm