Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Mountain Goat limited editon #4 shirt design help

Now that the LTD#2 is down to a few XXL's and LTD#3 is down to a few XL and XXL's it is time to make another run of limited edition Mountain Goat shirts and we are stumped for an idea. Anyone have an idea? if we use your idea, you will get the hook up with some free shirts and a personal high five from Jeff.

For reference to the previous designs go to http://www.firstflightbikes.com/MGGoodies.htm

Monday, March 16, 2009

1990 Moots all cleaned up

The Moots frames always have a lot of interesting details, some obvious but other not so obvious. The detailed lug work is subtle around the seat lug area but not so subtle when painted pink with an eye and tongue added. The stays have a very subtle radius that is supposed to absorb some vibration. The ovalized stem matches the ovalized chain stay bridge. The rear brake is on a Moots mount which allows you to change the position of the brake mounts so you can run different brakes or different sized wheels. The full rundown of the bike is at http://mombat.org/1990_Moots.htm

MOMBAT makes visitnc's must see museums

MOMBAT has just been listed on www.visitnc.com as a must see museum, to see the write up click HERE

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

86 Fat with special fork

This Fat came in today with the serial #86663 which looks like an 86 with a mix of 86/87 parts so we are thinking it is a late one built up when the white letter XT came out.

One of the cool things is the fork. Talking around we have found that the fork was made by Ted Wojcik...more info later on that. The owner still has the original fork which we should be getting soon and will put it on the bike and have the Wojcik for on display. Pretty cool stuff, I will post more up about it as we clean her up.