Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Fillet Brazed 1984 Bontrager

Many recent riders will know the Bontrager name from his work designing parts for Trek and Fisher bikes. Many don't realize that Keith started out building bikes under his own name.

This one has been through a few different collections before it landed on our doorstep. EL was guessing 1984 from the seatpost that came with the bike (date coded 1984) and it seems pretty close based on the frame details. Anyway, we tried to improve a bit on the build with stuff we had here at the shop. "Upgraded" a few parts and replaced a few with better examples.

Trying out a new format for the bike pages so check it out at 1984 Bontrager and let me know whatcha think. I even added a Facebook "Share" link.

Monday, July 12, 2010

1985 Mountain Machine 20" x 24"

Very unusual design from 1985.  Made in Colorado from 4130 cro-moly.  The frame is New Old Stock with all original parts on it including the optional rear rack.  The front wheel is a 24" and the rear is a 20" but the bottom bracket is at normal height.  Notice the chain roller to keep tension on the chain and the large "bash guard" under the bottom bracket.  Bicycling magazine did a large article on the Mountain Machine when they came out.  We have a copy of the article as well as a couple of pieces of original sales literature.  We also have two NOS frames and another bike built with modern parts.

More details @ 1985 Mountain Machine

1985 Fat Chance mountain bike

This is the other Fat Chance that came with the yellow Slim Chance road bike. It had been updated over the years but we were able to put mostly original parts back on it. I would still like to find a yellow Fat Chance fork for it and XC shifters. The Ritchey Unifork and Suntour Power shifters were the closest parts we had in stock.

More details and pictures 1985 Fat Chance