Monday, September 20, 2010

Ibis Cycles #46: Circa 1983

We recently acquired this from the original owner and finally got it cleaned up. This is another one of those bikes that shows a lot of use which gives it a nice looking patina. Highlights include modified Hi-E hubs, stub mounted stem and Cunningham/Ibis Speedmaster brakes. Interesting "by master" decal on the top tube. I asked Scot about the decal and he told me what it meant. The answer is @ the 1983 Ibis page along with extra pictures and specs.

Monday, September 13, 2010

1992 Mountain Goat Deluxe

This was one we picked up recently on the Asheville Craigslist. Relatively lightly used with a nice parts package. Ringle hubs, XC Pro drive train, Syncros cockpit components, Cook Bros. Racing cranks.....Not sure about the paint. It has Nouveau Flames on it over some type of brushed green base.

More pictures and details @ 1992 Deluxe page (Twitter and Facebook "share" links)

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

MOMBAT in Bicycle Times # 7

Coming up with a vintage mountain bike to write about for Dirt Rag is pretty easy since we have several hundred to choose from but bikes for Bicycle Times can be a little trickier. I try to come up with something interesting but not necessarily a mountain bike. They concentrate on more commuter style bikes. This month I decided to do our Alien bike which uses a front mounted crank to power the front wheel. Kinda interesting bike but it sure is scary to ride!