Saturday, January 16, 2010

Mountain Goat Escape Route frames

We get a lot of phones calls from folks looking to upgrade their old mountain bikes. Once you explain that they only make 1" forks without cantilever brake mounts.....which requires V brakes....which means your brake levers won't work.....which means new shifters if they are tied new cables and labor.... and then the new fork is too tall so it will ruin the handling that you like which all adds up to an abandoned project. This is the reason we brought back Mountain Goat Cycles, to offer customers what they loved about their old bikes but with the ability to run current parts. The down side was the cost of the custom frames which typically ran about $1500. This makes it tough to build a complete bike for much under $3K. To help with this, we took a look overseas and found that we can build a comparable quality frame for about 1/2 of the US made frames. We lose the ability to do custom geometry and cool paint but that is still available on the USA frames. The details have mostly been nailed down and we are just waiting on our sample frames so we can put some miles on them and make any needed changes. Here are a couple shots of the frames:


  1. Nice. What will these frames go for?

  2. I don't want to say until we get the final details worked out. Should be around 1/2 of what the comparable USA built frame would cost.