Sunday, January 10, 2010

Breezer Series II

The early Breezer bikes have always been among our favorite bikes. They really were the "origin of the species". The 10 Series I bikes were the first purpose built from the ground up mountain bikes. The Series I bikes are all pretty much accounted for and will likely not come to market very often (if ever). After finishing the Series I bikes, Joe made 25 Series II bikes. We were fortunate enough to acquire #9 several years ago with Joe's assistance. It has been one of our most prized bikes in the entire MOMBAT collection.

A couple of months ago, the original owner of Series II #10 contacted us about locating an original style rear derailleur for his bike. We tried to help him out and mentioned that we would love to acquire the bike if he ever decided to part with it. He mentioned that he had tried to sell the bike to a couple of Portland area shop without and luck. He had contacted Joe Breeze about the bike after not being able to sell it and heard about the last Series II bike selling in the 5 figures. At that point, I figured we were out of the running since we can't afford to put anywhere near that into a bike to hang on the wall.

A couple weeks ago, the original owner offered us the bike for the price he had originally mentioned which was definitely affordable. We quickly agreed and then anxiously watched the box make its way across the country. Upon receiving the box, we tore into it to make sure there wasn't any damage. The packing job was great and the bike survived the trip intact. It is in fantastic condition for a 30 year old.

The bike is currently disassembled and is getting a good bath. All the parts are original to the bike except the rear derailleur, brake pads and tires. The pads were easy since we had those in stock and the Cyclone derailleur was quickly sourced and is being shipped to us now. The early tires are always difficult since there were very few options and Snakebelly tires are extremely rare. We did have some old American made "Nobby" balloon tires so we stuck those on there. Once we get 'er all cleaned up, we'll get some better pictures.

For now, here are a couple from the original owner.

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  1. This is one of the dream machines, I am supremely in a pit of envy.