Sunday, December 27, 2009

Tinker Juarez Cannondale

The Volvo-Cannondale team was one of the strongest teams in the mid-late 1990's with riders such as Tinker Juarez, Missy Giove, Myles Rockwell, and Alison Sydor. This is a 1997 Tinker Juarez frame that was likely a spare bike. We received it as a frame, fork and stem and then tried to duplicate a team bike as closely as possible. As sponsors and personal preferences changed, the parts spec changed frequently. This makes duplicating a team bike pretty difficult.


  1. I always thought these bikes just "looked right" - could be Headshok retains a semi-old school look.

    My current ride is a similar NOS eBay special. The Headshok was great until it blew up after a few rides. I was bummed. Replaced it with a Fox fork I had in the garage.

    Thanks for posting these cool old bikes. It's fun to look back at the old iron - or in this case - aluminum.

  2. Its pretty amazing that everyone that has seen this bike so far says pretty much the same thing about just looking right. Very cool indeed IMO

  3. To be totally authentic you need to take the bottle bolts out and just fill the holes with a dab of grease, Tinker-style