Tuesday, December 15, 2009

December projects

As we wind down the year, it is a good time to start stockpiling projects for the upcoming January/February down time. Kinda like a squirrel burying nuts! Here is what we have been working on lately.

-Descender: very cool early rear suspension bike by Brian Skinner. About 16.5 pounds of frame/swing arm/fork! The previous owner had it powder coated black so it is looking good. We have managed to dig up a fair amount of black parts including XT hubs, shifters, 6206 crank, 7X rims.......so we are going for the stealth look. Still need to pick out a few parts but this one is coming together.

-Tinker Cannondale: We've had a Tinker Juarez Cannondale frame, circa 1997, hanging around for awhile now and have been slowly accumulating parts. Still need to figure out pedals, get a correct bar and dig up some yellow Gore cable covers for it yet.

-Crestone Peak: This is pictured in the previous post. Interesting concept but kinda crappy bike. Still need to find some type of substitute for the rubber band suspension.

-Haro Dart F1: Not sure why but I always liked the F1 bikes and finally got one. These were 20" wheel bikes with gears that were supposed to raced in a parking lot course. The idea was to set up a paved course in a parking lot with hay bales and race slick tired jacked-up BMX bikes with gears. Obviously never took off. Maybe kids saw it as the contrived marketing scheme that it was?

Pictures coming when we get 'em together.

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  1. I thought that F1 shtick at the time was cool. I still think its a cool idea....