Sunday, January 9, 2011

Retro Bontrager scans

As the year starts off, we often find that we have a little extra time on our hands. The rush of Christmas is past and inventory is finally behind us. This is a great time to do a little work on the MOMBAT web site so I am getting back in the swing of scanning some literature. Started out with 50+ pages of Bontrager literature dating back to the late 1980's and going through 1999. The composite fork manual is an interesting read. You just don't find info like that any more. Here are a couple of pages but for the complete scans, go to the MOMBAT Bontrager page.


  1. Cool scans. I have some of those magazines stashed also.

    With 29ers all the rage, I'd bet a steel Bontrager 29er would sell today. I don't see Trek doing that with the Bontrager name however, especially considering they recently morphed the Fisher bikes into the Trek fold.

    It would be cool though - same design as the older 26" wheel Bontrager - but as a 29er. Sign me up.

  2. Trek is doing the Sawyer this year and had done the Fisher Ferrous a couple years ago. I tried to convince them to bring back Klein road bikes instead of doing Fisher road bikes. Whatever happened to "the first and last name in MOUNTAIN bikes"? Oh well.

  3. I remember the Fisher Ferrous. The new Sawyer seems to be more of a styling exercise to me.

    I'm thinking of a 29er Bontrager. TIG welded steel, those gussets on the downtube. the open chain stay design (near BB), powered coated, replaceable decals - just like the original 26" wheel bike. Use the old graphics and Bontrager name. That would be killer.

  4. Yeah - the Klein thing is weird. Bought by Trek, then they slowly disappeared. Klein used to make some pretty nice bikes.