Tuesday, October 19, 2010

1988 Ritchey, mostly NOS parts

This was originally a Commando but the previous owner didn't like the camo paint and stripped it down. It was pretty ratty rattle can red when we got it so we decided to sent it out for a make-over. We were taking a new Mountain Goat frame to the local powder coater to get a shiny coat of dark green metallic so we just got this one done in the same color. Parts are mostly New Old Stock Shimano Deore XT M 730 parts including 6 speed index shifting, rear U brake, Bio Pace rings and first generation cassette hub. Bars are a set of Ritchey MountainBikes bullmoose bars.

More details @ 1988 Ritchey


  1. Nice choice of color, Ritchey's always looked good in deep green IMHO. Btw, I have a set of fillet-brazed Ritchey bars with the double expander clamp-on stem design, hit me up if you can use them on a project. They are original red paint and I think a Bill Hildick hand-me-down to me. They were I think made originally for a Comp.

  2. The yellow Ritchey stickers on the dark green looks fantastic. Nice bike.

  3. We were inspired to use yellow by the toe clips of all things. If those weren't on there, we probably would have done boring old white.

  4. Steve
    Don't know that we have a specific bike for the bars but let us know if they need a new home!