Monday, August 16, 2010

1998 Ritchey Soft Tail

We've had some of these Ritchey bikes for quite awhile and the pictures were old and embarrassing. I have been trying to grab a couple of minutes to update a few of these older bikes with better pictures but time can be tough to come by. Jonathan, AKA Gilligan, has been sneaking out and taking a few pictures for us. Sometimes the bike ends up in a goofy gear or with the seat too low but at least the pictures are bigger and better! Occasionally, he will see something on a bike that I would have missed. Anyway, here is a 1998 Ritchey Soft Tail bike. These frame relied on chain stay flex for the suspension and were usually listed at having less than an inch of travel. The titanium versions made some sense to me since ti is such a flexible material but steel would concern me a little more if I planned on riding the bike for a long time.

More pictures and details (with "share" links) @ 1998 Ritchey Soft Tail page.

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  1. Sweet. I don't even remember Ritchey making a soft tail bike - nice.