Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Calfee Bamboo bike

While not technically a "vintage" mountain bike, these are pretty cool anyway. We recently picked this one up from the guy who won it in a contest. It had been built up with fairly mediocre parts so we replaced most of them with nicer parts we had around the shop. The fork is still fairly basic but functional. Calfee uses specially grown bamboo which is heat treated to prevent splitting. A lot of our customers check have been checking the bike out and many still don't believes us when we tell them it is real bamboo. We also have one of our Mountain Goat frames here that is painted to look like bamboo which confuses them even further. Most think that it would be light but this one is relatively heavy. I suspect a lot of the weight is in the hemp twine "lugs".

More images and details @ http://mombat.org/2008_Calfee.htm

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