Sunday, July 19, 2009

Panaracer Timbuk II tires are back (again)

We couldn't find appropriate skin wall tires for the bikes in the MOMBAT collection and black wall tires just look "wrong" on older bikes. We made dozens of phone calls and found that Panaracer was about the only manufacturer willing to work with us. The checked the warehouse and found the mold for the Timbuk II tire so we had 300 of them made for us. The Timbuk II tire appeared in 1988 and was likely available into the mid 1990's so it is "correct" for a lot of our favorite old bikes. We sold out of the original 300 and ordered another batch several months ago and they finally arrived. They are now $34.99 each which compares very favorably with many of the $50 Kevlar beaded tires that are currently available. More details and ordering instructions can be found @

Here is what $10,000 worth of tires looks like!

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