Thursday, April 16, 2009

Vintage GT Zaskar

Finally cleaned this one up and took some pictures.

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  1. looks good - What was the thinking in going with a v-brake / Disk combo?

  2. thats not a v-brake/disk combo, its a u-brake/disc combo - which is even cooler ;)
    the frame is a very early GT zaskar which wasn't available with disk tabs. so there was no option but to fit u-brakes on the rear. the suspenders forks were just available with disk tabs for prostop disk breaks because they were upside down forks. so no other option in the front too.

  3. Can you help me locate a rear brake (including mounting posts) for my 96 zaskar? Bike shop decided to 'borrow' the original set!
    This has turned into the impossible brake combo for me to find....! Any recommendations would be GREATLY appreciated!