Thursday, January 22, 2009

Need old grips?

An item that we often see replaced on many older bikes that we get are grips along with tires. We have the Timbuk II reproduction tires to take care of the rubber down but have not had a good source for grips...well we have been using Ritchey True grips but they like to split for some reason. A while back we were told that Grab On would make their MTN-1 grip with the old durometer if the order was big enough. The old durometer was 46 but the ones that Grab On makes now in the MTN-1 uses a durometer of 18-20ish. Anyways, we ordered up an order of the grips in the 46 durometer and received them today.



They look great and are available for $15. They will be on the site very soon but if you just have to have them now give us a yell and we will hook you up.

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